Archway 7 a side Fixtures

DateTimeHome TeamVAway Team
15-Nov19:00No Qualms3|5Mada Walabu
19:40Children of the North3|0CanTabs
20:20LT FC7|1The Otley Runners
22-Nov19:00The Otley Runners1|5Mada Walabu
19:40CanTabs1|4No Qualms
20:20LT FC1|1Children of the North
29-Nov19:00Mada Walabu2|5Children of the North
19:40No Qualms4|0The Otley Runners
20:20CanTabs1|3LT FC
6-Dec19:00Children of the NorthvThe Otley Runners
19:40Mada WalabuvCanTabs
20:20LT FCvNo Qualms
13-Dec19:00No QualmsvChildren of the North
19:40The Otley RunnersvCanTabs
20:20LT FCvMada Walabu
10-Jan19:00Mada WalabuvNo Qualms
19:40CanTabsvChildren of the North
20:20The Otley RunnersvLT FC
17-Jan19:00Mada WalabuvThe Otley Runners
19:40Children of the NorthvCanTabs
20:20Children of the NorthvLT FC
24-Jan19:00The Otley RunnersvNo Qualms
19:40Children of the NorthvMada Walabu
20:20LT FCvCanTabs
31-Jan19:00The Otley RunnersvChildren of the North
19:40CanTabsvMada Walabu
20:20No QualmsvLT FC
7-Feb19:00Children of the NorthvNo Qualms
19:40CanTabsvThe Otley Runners
20:20Mada WalabuvLT FC