Archway Thursdays Fixtures

TimeHome TeamAway Team
MATCHDAY- 1 -Thursday 23 March 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|🔵Carlos' Angels
19:40Ji Sung Park the Bus|Centaur
MATCHDAY- 2 -Thursday 30 March 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|Ji Sung Park the Bus
19:40Centaur|FA Elite
20:20GFC|🔵Carlos' Angels
MATCHDAY- 3 -Thursday 6 April 2023
19:00The Board🔴|Centaur
19:40GFC|🟢The Famous Cocks
20:20Ji Sung Park the Bus|FA Elite
MATCHDAY- 4 -Thursday 13 April 2023
19:00Los completos🔵|🔴The Board
20:20FA Elite|🔵Carlos' Angels
MATCHDAY- 5 -Thursday 20 April 2023
19:00Ji Sung Park the Bus|🔵Los completos
19:40FA Elite|🟢The Famous Cocks
20:20GFC|🔴The Board
MATCHDAY- 6 -Thursday 27 April 2023
19:00Los completos🔵|🔵Carlos' Angels
19:40FA Elite|GFC
20:20Ji Sung Park the Bus|🔴The Board
MATCHDAY- 7 -Thursday 4 May 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|🔵Los completos
19:40Centaur|🔵Carlos' Angels
20:20The Board🔴|FA Elite
MATCHDAY- 8 -Thursday 11 May 2023
19:00Los completos🔵|GFC
19:40Centaur|🟢The Famous Cocks
20:20Carlos' Angels🔵|Ji Sung Park the Bus
MATCHDAY- 9 -Thursday 18 May 2023
19:00FA Elite|🔵Los completos
20:20The Board🔴|🔵Carlos' Angels
MATCHDAY- 10 -Thursday 25 May 2023
19:00Ji Sung Park the Bus|🟢The Famous Cocks
19:40Centaur|🔵Los completos
20:20Carlos' Angels🔵|FA Elite
MATCHDAY- 11 -Thursday 1 June 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|🔴The Board
19:40FA Elite|Centaur
20:20Ji Sung Park the Bus|GFC
MATCHDAY- 12 -Thursday 8 June 2023
19:00Carlos' Angels🔵|🟢The Famous Cocks
19:40Los completos🔵|Ji Sung Park the Bus
20:20The Board🔴|GFC
MATCHDAY- 13 -Thursday 15 June 2023
19:00Centaur|Ji Sung Park the Bus
19:40The Famous Cocks🟢|FA Elite
20:20Carlos' Angels🔵|GFC
MATCHDAY- 14 -Thursday 22 June 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|GFC
19:40The Board🔴|🔵Los completos
20:20FA Elite|Ji Sung Park the Bus
MATCHDAY- 15 -Thursday 29 June 2023
19:00Centaur|🔴The Board
19:40Carlos' Angels🔵|🔵Los completos
20:20GFC|FA Elite
MATCHDAY- 16 -Thursday 6 July 2023
19:00Carlos' Angels🔵|Centaur
19:40Los completos🔵|🟢The Famous Cocks
20:20The Board🔴|Ji Sung Park the Bus
MATCHDAY- 17 -Thursday 13 July 2023
19:00FA Elite|🔴The Board
19:40GFC|🔵Los completos
20:20Ji Sung Park the Bus|🔵Carlos' Angels
MATCHDAY- 18 -Thursday 20 July 2023
19:00The Famous Cocks🟢|Centaur
19:40Los completos🔵|FA Elite
20:20Carlos' Angels🔵|🔴The Board
MATCHDAY- 19 -Thursday 27 July 2023
19:00Los completos🔵|Centaur
19:40The Board🔴|🟢The Famous Cocks
20:20GFC|Ji Sung Park the Bus
Thursday 3 August 2023