Fixtures Brixton

Here you can see results and upcoming fixtures of the South London Sunday 7 a side football league. Join Footy Addicts Leagues and play competitive football every week.

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
26-Jan15:00Wanyamas in Pyjamas6-0Curdas FC
15:40JJ's Okocha's0-2Insurance Management Bears
16:20Artillery South1-6Empire FC
2-Feb15:00Empire FC4-4Curdas FC
15:40Insurance Management Bears3-2Wanyamas in Pyjamas
16:20Artillery South0-7JJ's Okocha's
9-Feb15:00Curdas FC3-0JJ's Okocha's
15:40Insurance Management Bears4-8Artillery South
16:20Wanyamas in Pyjamas0-3Empire FC
16-Feb15:00Curdas FC3-3Insurance Management Bears
15:40Empire FC6-1JJ's Okocha's
16:20Artillery South3-6Wanyamas in Pyjamas
23-Feb15:00Insurance Management Bears3-7Empire FC
15:40Artillery South2-5Curdas FC
16:20Wanyamas in Pyjamas2-3JJ's Okocha's
1-Mar15:00Empire FC3-2Artillery South
15:40Curdas FC6-3Wanyamas in Pyjamas
16:20Insurance Management Bears4-2JJ's Okocha's
8-Mar15:00Wanyamas in Pyjamas0-10Insurance Management Bears
15:40JJ's Okocha's1-3Artillery South
16:20Curdas FC1-2Empire FC
18-Oct15:00Artillery South2-7Insurance Management Bears
15:40Empire FC0-0Wanyamas in Pyjamas
16:20JJ's Okocha's2-1Curdas FC
25-Oct15:00Insurance Management BearsvCurdas FC
15:40JJ's Okocha'svEmpire FC
16:20Wanyamas in PyjamasvArtillery South
1-Nov15:00Empire FCvInsurance Management Bears
15:40JJ's Okocha'svWanyamas in Pyjamas
16:20Curdas FCvArtillery South