About us


Footy Addicts is the biggest and most active football enthusiasts open community in the UK. Footy Addicts helps you find football games in London. After public demand we decided to deliver another service to the community and kick off few football leagues in West, East, North East, North London, North West London, South London and West London.

Leagues are created to accommodate the need of more competitive weekly football games. Finally, if you are looking to find football games, without commitment feel free to check all upcoming games on Footy Addicts website and join the one that fits you.

Find football games in London. Competitive or casual football

We will always try to deliver the best service and prices possible. So, do not hesitate to contact us with feedback for the venues, staff or games.

Take a break from your work and come to play outdoors football. You just bring your ‘A’ game and we will do the rest.