Haggerston Fixtures

Results and upcoming fixtures of Sunday 8 a side football league at Haggerston Park, Hoxton.

DateTimeHome TeamVAway Team
4-Oct15:00FC Campo Nuevo2-0Pique Blinders
15:40JBCFC2-1Top Pitch FC
16:20Bowcats FC2-0Quaranteam
11-Oct15:00Quaranteam3-0Pique Blinders
15:40Top Pitch FC0-0FC Campo Nuevo
16:20Bowcats FC2-0JBCFC
18-Oct15:00Top Pitch FC3-0Bowcats FC
15:40Pique BlindersvJBCFC
16:20FC Campo Nuevo0-0Quaranteam
25-Oct15:00Pique BlindersvTop Pitch FC
16:20Bowcats FCvFC Campo Nuevo
1-Nov15:00Top Pitch FCvQuaranteam
15:40Bowcats FCvPique Blinders
16:20FC Campo NuevovJBCFC
8-Nov15:00QuaranteamvBowcats FC
15:40Pique BlindersvFC Campo Nuevo
16:20Top Pitch FCvJBCFC
15-Nov15:00FC Campo NuevovTop Pitch FC
15:40JBCFCvBowcats FC
16:20Pique BlindersvQuaranteam
22-Nov15:00Bowcats FCvTop Pitch FC
15:40QuaranteamvFC Campo Nuevo
16:20JBCFCvPique Blinders
29-Nov15:00Top Pitch FCvPique Blinders
16:20FC Campo NuevovBowcats FC
6-Dec15:00QuaranteamvTop Pitch FC
15:40JBCFCvFC Campo Nuevo
16:20Pique BlindersvBowcats FC