Fixtures Results – NL

Here you can see all results & upcoming fixtures for our North London League games. This is a 7 a side football league played every Thursday evening at Highbury Fields 3G Football Pitch. More details can be found on the league page: North London 7 a side Football League, by Footy Addicts.

Remember if you need to modify your fixtures make sure you provide more than 1 week’s notice.

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
25-Nov19:00AC Me Rollin22🔴ECA Internazionale
19:40Care Package FC🟡32🟣Real Gamesys
20:20CSD Larringey🔵20🔵Hellas London
2-Dec19:00Shed FC🔵Hellas London
19:40CSD Larringey🔵🟣Real Gamesys
20:20Care Package FC🟡AC Me Rollin
9-Dec19:00Real Gamesys🟣🔵Hellas London
19:40Shed FC🔴ECA Internazionale
20:20Pashun FC🔵CSD Larringey
16-Dec19:00Hellas London🔵🟡Care Package FC
19:40Real Gamesys🟣AC Me Rollin
20:20ECA Internazionale🔴Pashun FC
6-Jan19:00AC Me RollinShed FC
19:40Real Gamesys🟣Pashun FC
20:20Hellas London🔵🔴ECA Internazionale
13-Jan19:00ECA Internazionale🔴Shed FC
19:40Pashun FCAC Me Rollin
20:20Hellas London🔵🟣Real Gamesys
20-Jan19:00Shed FC🔵CSD Larringey
19:40ECA Internazionale🔴🟣Real Gamesys
20:20Pashun FC🟡Care Package FC
27-Jan19:00ECA Internazionale🔴🔵CSD Larringey
19:40Care Package FC🟡Shed FC
20:20AC Me RollinPashun FC
3-Feb19:00Real Gamesys🟣Shed FC
19:40AC Me Rollin🔵CSD Larringey
20:20ECA Internazionale🔴🟡Care Package FC
10-Feb19:00Shed FC🟡Care Package FC
19:40Hellas London🔵Pashun FC
20:20CSD Larringey🔵🔴ECA Internazionale
17-Feb19:00Care Package FC🟡🔵CSD Larringey
19:40Shed FCPashun FC
20:20Hellas London🔵AC Me Rollin
24-Feb19:00AC Me Rollin🟣Real Gamesys
19:40CSD Larringey🔵Pashun FC
20:20Care Package FC🟡🔵Hellas London
3-Mar19:00Pashun FCShed FC
19:40Care Package FC🟡🔴ECA Internazionale
20:20CSD Larringey🔵AC Me Rollin
10-Mar19:00Pashun FC🟣Real Gamesys
19:40AC Me Rollin🟡Care Package FC
20:20ECA Internazionale🔴🔵Hellas London
17-Mar19:00Real Gamesys🟣🔴ECA Internazionale
19:40Shed FCAC Me Rollin
20:20CSD Larringey🔵🟡Care Package FC
24-Mar19:00CSD Larringey🔵Shed FC
19:40Care Package FC🟡Pashun FC
20:20AC Me Rollin🔵Hellas London
31-Mar19:00ECA Internazionale🔴AC Me Rollin
19:40Real Gamesys🟣🟡Care Package FC
20:20Hellas London🔵🔵CSD Larringey
7-Apr19:00Real Gamesys🟣🔵CSD Larringey
19:40Hellas London🔵Shed FC
20:20Pashun FC🔴ECA Internazionale
14-Apr19:00Shed FC🟣Real Gamesys
19:40Pashun FC🔵Hellas London