Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the terms and conditions of our 7 a side football league. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at any point.

1. Teams and individuals take part at their own risk and no liability for injury or death, other than that caused by negligence, is accepted. Where appropriate, individuals should arrange their own medical or other insurance policy.

2. Upon registration to a league or competition, the registered players accept full responsibility for any damages or losses caused by them whilst attending league fixtures or competitions.

3. Footy Addicts reserve the right to exclude any player or team from any of our leagues or competitions at our own discretion, and without giving a reason.

4. Upon registration of a team to a league, each individual and team accept responsibility to read the league rules and abide by them. Upon registration, teams and individuals need to be aware that no refunds/rollover payment will be granted in the event of early withdrawal or expulsion from a league.

5. By registering to take part in a league, each team and individual is entering into a contractual agreement to pay the agreed fees for the league to which they have signed up, regardless of whether they have taken part. If a team decides to leave during before the league has finished, the captain is responsible to pay the outstanding match fees. Please note: Footy Addicts use a third party collection agent to obtain all outstanding payments.

6. The team organiser, being the individual who registered the team, is responsible for ensuring that payment is made ahead of the fixture being played. Not paying for a fixture can be deemed as breaching the terms and conditions, and could result in expulsion from the league or competition.

7. Footy Addicts reserves the right to alter and correct any errors in pricing on the website. The price of the league will be confirmed upon registration to a league or competition.

8. In the event that a team does not showing up to play a fixture, a fine will be incurred to the sum of the match fee, as well as 100% of the opposition teams match fee for that particular game. Teams must give 1 weeks notice of cancellation.

9. Conditions under deposit is not refunded

  • Aggressive behaviour at the pitch (shouting, swearing, dangerous play)
  • Outstanding balance
  • Not completing the league