Thursday League – Fixtures

Here you can see the results & upcoming fixtures of the Thursday West London Football League organised by West London Royal Football League.

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
29-Aug20:00G.O.B. FC11-0Holland Park
21:00Holland Park0-3The Wintershall Wanderers
5-Sep20:00Holland Park2-6G.O.B. FC
21:00Holland Park0-3The Wintershall Wanderers
12-Sep20:00The Spice Boys4-2G.O.B. FC
21:00The Originals FC7-2Holland Park
19-Sep20:00Holland Park5-15The Spice Boys
21:00G.O.B. FC3-5The Originals FC
26-Sep20:00The Spice Boys5-1Holland Park
21:00The Originals FC4-1G.O.B. FC
3-Oct20:00G.O.B. FC12-4The Wintershall Wanderers
21:00The Spice Boys2-12The Originals FC
10-Oct20:00The Spice Boys3-7G.O.B. FC
21:00The Originals FC8-0The Wintershall Wanderers
17-Oct20:00The Originals FC3-1The Spice Boys
21:00Holland Park5-3G.O.B. FC
24-Oct20:00Holland Park8-2The Spice Boys
21:00The Originals FC12-2The Wintershall Wanderers
31-Oct20:00The Spice Boys11-1The Wintershall Wanderers
21:00G.O.B. FC1-8The Originals FC
7-Nov20:00The Wintershall Wanderers2-2G.O.B. FC
21:00The Spice Boys6-4The Originals FC